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No-Code LanD

Mike Taylor and Mathias Vermeulen are joining forces to create a stunning and unique online course on no-code tools°, specifically designed for L&D professionals.

° No-code tools are designed for developers who don't know or need any actual programming languages to use the product. Everything the no-code developer needs is already built into the tool.

The first details

💻 As we speak, we're building a kick-ass online course to boost your L&D potential. Together, we'll explore the wonderful world of no-code tools and how to use them in specific L&D projects.

🙋 WIIFM? Well, not only will we focus on the value of no-code tools for learning and how to use them efficiently, but we will also guide you through the building process of 10 concrete projects like:

Onboarding application

Spaced e-mail course

Assessment tool with pdf report

Knowledge sharing platform

Landing page + registration for your project

Automated & efficient content curation process

FAQ training chatbot

What you'll get

Target audience:

-> Training managers
-> Trainers
-> Content developers
-> L&D managers
-> L&D business partners
-> Instructional designers
-> ...

This training includes:

📼 Hours of video lessons
📰 A reading list in every chapter
🛠 An introduction to several no-code tools
🗂️ Building guides & worksheets for 10 no-code L&D projects
♥️ A participant's community
👐 Online one-on-one coaching

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